May 18, 2016 / Is Hookah a safe healthy thing for young kids to do?

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We get asked this question a lot.  Easily explained, we offer options that have nicotine or no nicotine.  When it comes to shishah, it’s made out of tobacco leaves, honey and artificial flavoring but no tar. You can get shishah that doesn’t have nicotine or tar in it, or you can ask for the type with no nicotine in the form of rock shishah.  Not everyone who comes here smokes hookah.  Some people come to just hang out with their friends and socialize.

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Hookah In the Middle East is a social hobby for middle to upper class families. Since majority of the Middle East is Muslim, when business deals are to be negotiated, business people tend to do it over hookah and coffee or tea, where in other parts of the world it’s called a drink and dinner or happy hour. It’s funny that it’s attractive to the 18+ demographic in the states, because it’s for more of families in the Middle East. Anyways, we offer hookah, a variety of non alcoholic beverages, some finger food, candy and chips, coffees, and have TV’s everywhere where we play games and movies.

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